Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fun Videos of the Kids (sorry--no sound)

Madi loves to walk around the house. She loves to carry things with her in her mouth or in her hands. This video I took this morning. She is just so happy and so silly. I love my little gal!

In this video Weston is getting a bowl of cereal for him and Andrew. He did everything by himself, he even got the bowls out of the cupboard all by himself. He is such a helper. I love that he always wants to include Andrew and do things for him. He so sweet. I just love my precious little guys!


  1. That's really cute that you got this on video for your blog! Adorable kids!!! Miss you guys.

  2. Fun- I just found your blog - so fun to look at it. I hope your move and everything is going well. We miss seeing you guys around! Good luck with everything!!!